Recruiting students

In order for our student tech support team to run effectively it is important to recruit the best students.  I knew that I wanted kids with great interpersonal skills as well as those kids with a strong knowledge base of instructional technology tools.  The members of the student tech support team at Algonquin focus less on repairing hardware issues and more on the integration of classroom technology.  My main role at Algonquin is to coach teachers on the use of Instructional technology so I needed students to help me with that.  So before recruiting students it is important  to think about what the roles of the student tech support team will be.  The next step for me was to talk to the Guidance Department at our school.   At Algonquin Guidance is responsible for the approval and creation of new courses so that was the logical place to start.  We discussed different ways to run the course and in the end decided to run it  the same we do for other student assistants in various departments.  Students take the course as Pass/Fail and are chosen by the teacher.   We may at some point offer the course to all interested students in our Program of Studies, but  for now this system seems to be working.  The guidance counselors have been very helpful in suggesting students that would be good for the class.  As a former math and web design teacher at Algonquin I recruited a couple of my former students.  Now that the program is up and running students are learning about it from other students

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