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By Brian Keefe
For years, Quizlet has been far and away the most popular online flashcard set that students and teachers alike know and love.  The polished site and stable flash card system has had people coming back for most of their schooling career.  However, there is a new player in the game that I always introduce to my peers when I have the chance, and that is

Ever create a really big flashcard set and feel like you know half of the set cold, and the other half is some foreign language?  That’s where paper flash cards come in handy, simply set aside the ones that you get wrong and study them separately.  Quizlet does have a feature like this, it’s called starring, it’s tedious and inefficient and my freshman year I was not doing well on vocab tests, so I decided to look elsewhere.  I dug deep and ventured into the second page of my google search gasp! and found  How fitting! A site designed to allow me to start studying the night before and somehow ace the test.  The system works something like this, you have the option to do two things, 1) Create a set, or 2) import your favorite set from quizlet.

The most efficient method of studying these flashcards is called cram mode, a flashcard system that forces you to get every single card right before you move through each of the 5 levels.  If you get a card wrong, it is sent back to square 1 and you are forced to drill it enough times until it is as familiar with the rest of your set.  This mode also lets you pick up where you left off, so you can cram whenever you have a spare minute and not search for the words you need the most, cram will do that for you.

Don’t get me wrong, Quizlet is polished and stable, however, is a widely unknown competitor.  Both have flash cards, both have mock tests, both have games, the list goes on.  However, cram has devised a genius algorithm that drills you on your hardest words rather than guessing and checking in bulk. In a direct comparison, Quizlet wins for flash card creation marginally, their auto-define system makes flash card creation quick and painless, while’s cram mode is more efficient for memory retention.  My solution? Create your quizlet list first, then import it into cram and learn your words in half the time.

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