Remembering My Homework with myHomework

Recently, productivity apps are gaining more and more popularity due to their ease of use as well as the abundance of different kinds of apps. From logging your diets to keeping lists, productivity apps give users the ability to keep track of whatever they need to do and keep track of their personal lives.

With technology replacing many paper products, many students are exchanging agendas and planners with their phones. Calendars and homework apps are becoming more apparent at Algonquin as well as other schools across the country. One of my favorite productivity apps that keeps me organized is the app myHomework, which has the capabilities of logging all of your homework as well as giving you an overview of all of your classes (see below) and schedule.

The myHomework interface gives you the ability to view all of your assignments at a glance. Upon downloading the app, you are prompted to add your classes, teachers, and schedule. With sections for your teachers, homework, classes, and calendar you can keep all of your school tasks organized. Below is an example of the calendar used in the app.

The app has helped me keep all of my school work organized and balance my social life outside of school. Taking advantage of the application keeps me organized and productive throughout the school year. The screenshot below shows an overview of all the homework you have logged as well as the due date and the class.

The myHomework app can be downloaded for free or upgraded to premium for $4.99 in exchange for no ads, themes, file attachments and use of the app in the reminders section of your phone.

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