How my Phone Keeps me on Task


Using a calendar on any phone, tablet, or computer is a great way to remember homework assignments and important test dates.
I always have my phone on me so everyday when a teacher assigns either homework or a long term project I make sure to mark it in my calendar with a reminder for that night, or, depending on the project, a few days before it’s due so I can always know what I have to do for it. For most kids, the calendar seems to be one of the most unused apps on any device they own. Some of my friends either find it a hassle to use or find that it is easier to just remember assignments. The same friends are known to forget homework assignments and make plans with others they can’t keep. When I write down my homework assignments in a notebook, I find that I can sometimes get sidetracked with other things going on and forget that I even wrote assignments down. For example, let’s say that you get involved in a video or get caught up responding to social media messages, without you having to remember to check a notebook, your device that you have on you all the time will tell you that something is due and remind you to get it done. Overall, an electronic calendar is one of the most useful applications because it can save you a grade and social embarrassment having to admit to not completing work that you should have known about.

(Below are two screenshots of my Android's calendar app. On the left I have I have enlarged the events for one day.)

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