Canva is a really wonderful website for creating well designed posters, presentations, social media posts and much more.

Canva comes with hundreds of templates and gives you the option to design your own from scratch. Canva is an awesome website and app that allows users to create wonderful designs even without paying for the additional options. I really like the elements Canva allows users to add to projects. They have a wide selection of professional looking free photos, really cool text options, icons, and graphics to make better looking projects. 

I use Canva for my job at the local public library as well as for school projects. Below are three examples of projects I have made with Canva for free. I really like how I designed the flyer on the left. I rearranged Canva's planet template and added the stars and the telescope. I created the design on the right for an English project where I was asked to make a cover for a music CD relating to a book. Canva is also great to use with Google Slides or PowerPoint because it allows you to make better designed presentations. I used the last image as the opening slide of a project for my Women in U.S. History class. I definitely recommend Canva since it is simple to learn, fun to use, and will help you create professional looking digital projects.

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