Most Important Skills to Learn in High School

High school is arguably the most important time of your life. You make friends that will last forever, you get your license, and you start picking colleges. Yet, with all of the ways that high school prepares you for your future and gives you great opportunities, according to me learning the most important skills aren’t required. Every job that exists in our technology based world will almost always require some form of computer literacy. Whether it’s being able to run spreadsheets dealing with finance, or knowing how to read a programming language; strong computer literacy I think is the most important skill to have. Most high schools have some kind of advanced computer course that aims at teaching new and valuable skills like programming or tech support. Many students don’t know about these courses either from a lack of interest or the course itself not being advertised as much as others. Inside one of these courses you will have opportunities to learn great skills, collaborate with other students and compare what programs you’ve created. This is not only a great way to learn how to make your creations better, but a great way to meet other people who will become friends. For students concerned with the fact they might not already know computer literacy well, that's totally ok. Most computer courses (not including AP) are built so anyone can start anytime and learn about the skills being taught. I remember not knowing anything about back end web development before I came to high school. After I jumped into the web development class, within a few weeks I had already made a small website. Overall, taking a computer course in high school is not only fun, but very practical to your future life.

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