SWAT Teaches Elementary Kids to Code

SWAT members and Proctor elementary students alike had a blast at the coding class. So much so that we decided we needed to hold more classes.

Our SWAT members split into two groups. One group taught half the Proctor students to use Scratch and the other group taught the other half of the students Swift. I showed the students how Swift worked using the Swift Playground app on the iPads. The Swift Playground app has an Intro to Coding Lesson 1 which allowed the kids to navigate through a video game type environment. Only for this video game they couldn't just press the forward or jump button. They had to drag the pieces of code for forward, jump, etc. into the correct order, to ultimately get the red gem. They had a lot of fun and ended up quickly reaching the next levels. Many of them said they were going to download the free app at home to continue coding. I was thrilled that the students had so much fun coding. I have taken many computer science classes in and out of high school and I believe it is a very valuable skill for students of all ages to learn. For that reason, I was proud to be part of the group that helped them realize they liked coding.

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  1. Good stuff on a lot of levels. I imagine this was the first crack at coding for the Proctor crew. I can already see these kids becoming part of the robotics team as well as filling the programming classes.

    Thanks for sharing!


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