New Learning Management System At ARHS


Next year our school has chosen to use Canvas as its learning management system. Canvas is a really helpful tool to use for different reasons like checking grades, or checking homework that you forget to write down during class.

Most students like it when teachers post homework assignments online because it is nice to know that it will be there in case they need it. It is really convenient to have all of that information in one location. Right now all of my teachers use edline and some of my teachers use google classroom. I have to check more than one place to get important class information that I need. I am looking forward to next year when we will just use Canvas. There is also a really great Canvas phone app that is fast and easy to use. I can use the app to check homework and grades and even more.  For example I can view a powerpoint presentation of class notes right on my phone. That means if I am not at home and don’t have my computer with me, then I can still study for a test.  Most kids are good at technology and like using it to help them learn so I think they will have no problem figuring out how to use Canvas.


  1. As being in the digital world, we all became used to of the latest technologies and the best part is to learn online. E-learning has made the process of learning easy as one can learn from anywhere at any time. Thanks for sharing about the LMS Software it will help me.

  2. E Learning is a new of learning which offers so many advantages as compare to traditional learning technology. The recent development of virtual classroom makes e-learning more interactive with real time communication.


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