A New Way of “Going Green”

A few years ago, no one ever imagined the use of green screens taking off in school. However, students at Algonquin Regional High School are flocking to this exciting, multifaceted technology.

From French skits to global issues awareness projects, green screens allow students to significantly raise standards for their class projects. In the past, students were limited to filming speeches, interviews, and skits in quiet hallways (if any existed) or empty corners of classrooms—settings that offered little in the way of immersion and creativity. However, now anyone can book time to visit the technology resource room (D104) where there is ample green screen and video recording equipment. In my time as a SWAT student, I have seen French students act out scenes while perched atop snow-capped mountains, tucked away in eerie caves, or positioned in perfect view of the Eiffel tower. By adding this extra element of “video magic” to their presentations, not only does the quality of the students’ work significantly improve but they also feel much more engaged and excited about their projects. Overall, it makes students feel proud of their work and provides them with a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction than a mandatory, uninspired assignment.

Although the school-year is winding down, the future holds great promise for students and teachers looking to rejuvenate their video-based projects and activities. I expect the popularity of Algonquin’s green screen opportunities to grow rapidly over the coming year.

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